The Company was formed in 1989 for the execution of civil work like Earthwork, Construction of Bridges, Roads, and Canals, etc. Before the formation of the company Mr. Karan Singh (Managing Director Company) was executing such types of works of Central Railways & Narmada Valley Development Authority of M.P. Government Departments for the past 17 years before the formation of the company. Other credentials of the company are as under.

Performance & Prospects of Company

  1. The Company was registered with Central Railway in the “A- class” category and in the “A-5” category with Irrigation Department, NVDA Bhopal and at present Registered in the “A-5” category with M.P. PWD Department, Bhopal. Thus eligible for applying & executing Civil works for unlimited capacity.

  2. The Company has successfully completed the work of Guna-Etawah Rail-line Track work by cutting/filling/compaction of all types of earth & rock work, including the construction of inline Bridges and Railway’s Quarters between Gwalior-Shivpuri.

  3. Since 1997 the Company is executing the work of Indira Sagar Project Main- Canal of Narmada valley development authority, Bhopal (Total length of the canal is 248 Kms. And the Estimated cost of the project is 2200 Crores). We have Executed the work of Indira Sagar Main Canal for 95 Km. As was allotted to us.
    Presently we are executing the work of Omkareshwar Project Canal System phase-I (A turnkey contract basis work) under Back to back basis from M/s Som Datt Builders Private Limited, New Delhi, costing to Rs.178.00 crore and for the length of 86.275 Kms., Comprising of CWC, RBC & LBC flow canals along with in-line structures.

  4. Further we are also executing under a joint venture with M/s Som Datt Builders Private Limited, New Delhi, work of Omkareshwar Project Canal System phase-II, Mandleshwar, and Indira Sagar Project canal system Phase-IV, Barwani (Both the projects are on turn-key contract basis work) .The cost of projects is Rs.193.00 Crore & Rs.244.00 Crore and the length of works are 59.145 Kms. & 37.895 Kms. Respectively.

  5. And recently the company has also awarded a new project of Multai Dam of Rs. 83.86 crore.

  6. The company is also executing the work of “Rehabilitation of Chambal Right main Canal” (Slice-1b) a world bank funded work of Water Resources Department, Sabalgarh, under back to basis from M/s Som Datt Builders Private Limited, New Delhi for costing to Rs.63.94 crore for length of 76.00 Kms.