Our Company foundation is built on a strong commitment to Quality, Safety, Innovation, Flexibility, and Customer Satisfaction. We specialize in all aspects of Commercial paving that includes both large and smaller contracts. Our experience and expertise enable us to provide excellent results in a timely manner.

Dams and Canals Construction

KDSPL has vast experience in large infrastructure development projects. The company possesses skills in building big-ticket projects such as earthen dams, canals, etc. and has proven expertise and strong presence in the work related to dams and canals. We have the knowledge and ability to plan, design, supervise, and construct as per the clients’ needs. In addition to our facilities and workforce, continuous research activities assist us substantially in serving our customers using up-to-date techniques and equipment. Since 1997 the Company is executing the work of Indira Sagar Project Main- Canal of Narmada valley development authority, Bhopal.

Irrigation Work

KDSPL has reputed name in irrigation works, the company has proven its mettle completing every project on time and overcoming many challenges and obstacles to keep the promise of providing world-class construction related to Irrigation work. We have successfully satisfied a list of clients by executing projects economically within the set time period and are dedicated to serving the specific need of businesses involved in the Irrigation industry.

Railway Line Works

The Company has successfully completed the work of Rail-line Track including cutting/filling/compaction of all types of earth & Deep rock work, including the construction of all in line Bridges and Railway’s Station & Quarters. Owing to our vast knowledge and experience of this domain, offering optimum quality services in this line.

Bridge Construction

We are in the business of Flyovers and Bridge construction based out Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. In addition to procurement and construction, in the past few years, we focused our efforts on building a team of engineers for Flyovers and Bridge construction. We have a team of engineers who are dedicated and fully involved in Bridge construction related works and development. The company has successfully executed the construction work of two numbers bridges on Tapti and Ambora rivers including the construction of approaches and bypass roads.

Road Construction

Since its inception, KDSPL has made unmatched contributions to road construction in and around central India, which includes highways and connecting roads. With every project, the company has gained invaluable experience and proven its expertise in technology and innovation. Our clientele includes various reputed concerns belonging to the private sector as well as Govt., Semi-Govt. The company undertakes the development of various infrastructure projects in road construction.